Viewing Your Financial Reports

To view your Reports, you will need to head to Reports and look for the heading of "Financial". Under this heading, you will see Income & Payments, Transaction Summary, Income Performance, Debtors & Creditors, Package Reports, Patient Visit & Spend, Financial Exports and Shift Reports. The range of reports you can produce mostly share commons filters - a date range, by practitioner and by clinic. Some of these reports can be downloaded or can be printed. 

Upon selecting a report type you will be presented with the following screen...

Income & Payments

One of the most popular reports is the Income & Payments report. This tells you about your cash flow and your revenue. Choose your date range from the first drop-down menu and view by specific practitioners or locations. Once you click Generate, you will see the report title, with the date range and the variants. As you can see from above, you can print this report, download as a .PDF file or as a .CSV file.

The report will break down all of your income, by service and by-product. You will have a count and a total income figure.

You will also see your payments by payment method and their total value, as well as your non-payment credits and debits.

  • Your income refers to the money you have accrued over the chosen time period.
  • Your payments refer to the money you have collected/been paid over the chosen time period.

Transaction Summary

This report will give you a full rundown of transactions over your chosen date range, for your chosen practitioner and clinic. You will see transactions assigned to the chosen practitioner (or all) as well as those transactions unassigned.

Income Performance 

This allows for you to view your income on a line graph over your chosen date range. Once again, you can filter by practitioner and by clinic and can also change the interval period on the graph. This report cannot be exported.

Debtors & Creditors

The debtors and creditors report allows for you to view those patients who have account credit and those patients who are owing money. You are given the patient's contact information and future appointment information as well as viewing the amount they owe or are in credit. This report is downloadable and printable

Package Reports

This report will show all of the patients with active packages. You will be able to see the patient, their account balance, visits remaining and the package creation date.

Patient Visit & Spend Report

This report allows for you to view your patient visit average, visit median and average spend, based on a date range of your choice. Again, you can filter by practitioner or clinic. You will be able to see a grouped total visit graph and you will see all of your patients based on the total number of visits.

Financial Exports

This report will show either your income or payments from your chosen date range and can be downloaded and printed

Shift Reports

This will show a breakdown of all of your opened and closed shifts, the timings and the user who opened/closed the shift.

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