Using Letters

PracticeHub provides a simple but sophisticated way of creating letters for patients and storing these on their account without having to mess around with Word, saving, uploading etc.

1.  Access via Letters tab

Access the Letters tab on the patient overview.  Clicking this tab will show you an overview of that patient's letters. From here you can create new letters and edit any previous letters. Click "Create Letter", and the letter editing section will open in a new browser tab.

2.  Write letter

You can start writing a blank letter, or use the template feature which provides a list of templates that you have created which will insert the text and patient data automatically into the editing area. (See below).

To use this, click Select A Template at the top and a template you have created previously.  If you do not have any templates, you can create one via the sidebar -> Settings -> Document Settings &Templates

Once you are done, click the Save button, or Print/Download PDF - this will open up a new tab where you can save the letter as a PDF or print it directly. The system will automatically place your logo in the upper right corner.

3.  Your document is saved automatically

Once you have saved a letter, it is saved onto the patients account underneath notes & communications where you can edit it at a later stage if you need to.

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