Patient File: An Overview

PracticeHub provides a blazing fast and efficient way of accessing patient information via the Global Patient Overview.

The Basics

This overview is accessible from anywhere in PracticeHub no matter what page you are on.

This can be accessed via three different ways 

1.  Clicking on an appointment on the diary.
2.  Searching via the Global Search function
3.  Clicking on their name anywhere else in the system (i.e. Recalls, Patient List etc).

This will bring up the patient account in the same window as a popup. You will have all vital information on the left side of the file. This will include a permanent sticky note, Their balance and any active packages they have on file, Their contact details, patient tags, upcoming appointment information, patient details and their postal address.

The overview itself shows a timeline of events on the patient file. This log will show billing, appointments, memberships, communications, system generated messages and notes.

From here you have access to all the patient information including communications, billing, appointment history, notes & communications, files & attachments, recall information, patient log, editing patient and much more.

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