Creating Pre-Paid Packages

Setting up a prepaid package is super easy and takes no time at all to integrate into your practice.

Step 1

From the menu sidebar, select "Settings" followed by "Prepaid Packages" under the "Appts & Financials" heading.

Step 2

This will take you through to the Prepaid Packages menu where you will see the tabs "Active" and "Inactive". Over in the upper right of the screen, you will see a blue "Add Package" button - clicking this will then take you through to the package builder.

Step 3

The package builder is an easy to follow step-by-step process. You will need to make sure you complete all the elements listed, ensuring the value is in the correct format.  Below the screenshot we've broken down the options available;

  • Name - Input the desired name for the package
  • Total Package Value - Input the total value of your package. Ensure this is in decimal format and does not contain any currency symbol. The value per appointment will be calculated by dividing the total package value by the number of charged visits included.
  • Number of Visits Included - Enter the total number of charged visits you desire.
  • Free Visits -  If you wish to incorporate free visits, this is where these can be added. They are not counted as a paid visit when calculating the average appointment cost.
  • Primary Service/Product - This is the default service that you would use on this package. Select from the list of services and products that you have active on your account.
  • Extra Services - This is where you can add any additional services or products to your package. I.E. if your package offers chiropractic and massage treatments, you can add massage here. Please note: if the service/product you are attempting to process on the package is not the primary or an extra service/product you will not be able to process it against the package.
  • Default Patient Tag - If selected, the tag you choose will automatically be applied to the patient when the package is assigned to them. To create tags click here.
  • Category - This relates to Practitioner Modality Select the appropriate modality for the package you are creating. The modality allows for efficient selection when a patient may have multiple packages for different modalities, based on the appointment type being processed.
  • Status - Ensure this is set to active to allow use of the package.

Ensure to click save at the bottom of the settings list. Your package will now appear in the overview...

As you can see above, the plan now appears on the Prepaid Packages screen and is easily edited by using the blue Edit button. You can also make the package inactive. To the left of the title, you can reorder your packages based on popularity. Remember to click the green "Save Order" button, though!

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