Adding a Pre-Paid Package To A Patient

There are two methods to apply a pre-paid package to a patient's file. The first method is done by creating an invoice. The second method is via the appointment processing window.

Method 1 - Creating An Invoice

This method of applying a package is useful for patients with no future appointment or for patients who may want to pay for a package before visiting for an appointment. To do this you will need to create a standalone invoice, adding the pre-paid package as the billable item. Navigate to the Calendar screen and click the blue "New" button on the upper left of the screen. A small drop down box will appear, Select Invoice.

You will now be prompted with the invoice creation screen. You will need to select the date you wish for the invoice to carry and then find the patient you wish to apply the package to. 

Next, you can assign a billable item. This is where you would select the pre-paid package or prepaid package. Clicking process will then apply the package and a credit of the amount on the invoice to the patient's file. When you process future appointments and select the package, the credit will start to diminish.

If you wish to manually change the price and number of visits for this package, click "Edit Visits" next to the package, and then you will have the option to customise the number of visits and total price.

Method 2 - Appointment Processing Window

This method is useful for a patient who wishes to pay for their package after they have been seen by a practitioner. You will need to locate the patient's appointment and open the processing screen. You will then need to add the package as a billable item. By using the drop down, select your package from the list.

Once you have selected the package you wish to apply to the patient, you will then see it appear in the window as follows...

You can see the £300 package is being applied to the patient and being used for the appointment you are processing. You will notice that the price of the appointment is now at the reduced price that the package offers, and the patient now has £270.00 worth of credit left on their account. Upon checking the billing screen, you can see that the package has 9 remaining visits along with the £270.00 worth of credit. Once you hit process this will then apply the package.

Should you not want to use the package for this visit, you will need to uncheck the box when on the processing window. This will revert the value of the appointment back to its standard price. In this scenario it will charge the patient £335.00 - £35.00 for the adjustment and £300.00 for the 10 visit package.

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