The Appointment Calendar: An Overview

The Calendar view in PracticeHub has loads of useful tools to help make your life easier and your practice more efficient. Below, we break them all down and link you through to some relevant articles.

Area 1

This section of the Calendar View is where you can view the calendar on a month-by-month basis. Using the small grey arrows at the top of the calendar, you can skip forward and backwards a month at a time. Clicking any date will take you to this day on the main area of the screen, allowing you to book appointments. 

Below the calendar, you have large AM and PM buttons. Clicking these will move your view to earlier or later in the day. Below here, there's a useful tool to move the calendar ahead in weeks. Bottom of the screen, you have the ability to filter the calendar by practitioners, as well as the great Autohide function, which automatically hides practitioners who are not working on the chosen day.

At the very top of the screen, you have your menu button and search bar. The menu button will open up your main navigational window, with links through to your settings, your practitioner dashboard, recalls and many other useful features.

Area 2

This section of the Calendar view has some useful features, giving you more comprehensive control over your calendar and the information it provides. Firstly, you have the two blue arrows. These will cycle the view on a week-by-week basis. Next, to this, you have the "Today" button. As you may have guessed, this will pull the view to the current day (if in day view) or the current week (if in work week or week view).

As you move along you have a small eye button. This is PracticeHub's privacy filter to hide all patient names. You can view an example below...

You then have the "Non-Appts" toggle - this will show or hide cancelled, missed and rescheduled appointments as slightly transparent appointment blocks in red and yellow respectively. Next along is the "Patient Flow" toggle. This is a fantastic feature to better see where patients are in your clinic. to learn more, take a look here.

Above these toggles, you have the "New" button. This is for creating new patient files and invoices. Advice on invoices and creating patients can be found by clicking the below links...

Along from the "New" button is your practitioner dropdown. You can use this to switch between practitioner diaries (when in practitioner view), or show all.

Area 3

This area contains your Shift Management tools. Clicking the name of your practice will open up a drop-down of options relating to your practice. This is where you cash up, check your current shift summary, print your daily shift summaries, view your form portal and where you can switch clinics.

Next to your clinic name, you will have the user's initials. Clicking this will drop down a menu for the user's timesheets, where you can clock in, take breaks and clock out. To learn about timesheets click here. There's the user's account settings and also where you can switch between users on your account. There's a billing box which looks at your PracticeHub membership and your plan and finally the log out button. Make sure you are using this after you have finished for the day!

Just below these drop down menus, you have your differing work views. You can view the current day, the work week or a full week. Depending on your view, clicking the "today" button will take you to the current day based on your chosen view mode.

Area 4

The final area contains the Beacon - This is your quick route to the Help Centre and to contacting us. This handy feature allows you to view our help articles and send us over an email, all from directly within your PracticeHub account.

The calendar is flexible in terms of it's settings. To learn more about changing these settings to ensure the calendar works perfectly for you, take a look here.

There are also some super handy shortcuts you can use to navigate and control the calendar and your appointments. To learn more click here.

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