Your Calendar Settings Explained

To access your calendar settings go to Settings > Clinics. Select a clinic, press edit and tab over to "Calendar Settings".

Setting up your calendar views

The calendar comes with two views types - this setting can be modified via your clinic settings. We recommend selecting a view and sticking with this view.

Resource View 

Columns on the calendar are displayed as resources. A resource can be anything you define, such as a slot, room, adjusting bench etc.

The most popular (and our default) option used by our customers is the resource view as this provides the most flexibility and opportunity for chiropractors to see many more patients!  We also recommend using this as a best practice. The below example has appointment "ghosting" turned on. This means that appointments belonging to other chiropractors will appear as slightly transparent appointments on the calendar. These can be booked over. You'll find the Ghosting setting within your Calendar settings.

Practitioner View

Columns on the calendar are displayed as practitioners.  This is a much more basic view and can look very cramped when you have multiple chiropractors working in the same location.

Choose your time slot duration and height

You can select the duration of your time slots on the left of your calendar from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes.  This setting allows you to customise the interval of time slots on the calendar.

The example below has 15-minute timeslot durations set.  We see anything from 5 minutes to 15 minutes with our customers.

This can be overridden on an individual practitioners calendar. You can access this setting via that practitioners "Practitioner & Note Taking Tab" in their Team Member settings area

Please note: Changing a clinics time slot duration will not change the duration or start & end times of any appointments that are already in the calendar. If you do change them, depending on what you are changing from and to (usually for intervals that won't match like 10/20 minutes to 15 minutes or vice versa), your appointments on the calendar may look offset.See here for more details before you make these changes.

Time Slot Duration Format

This allows you to switch the format of the time slot labels on the left of your calendar. You are able to select 12-hour (1:00 PM) or 24-hour (13:00)

Time Slot Height and Appointment Font Size

If you want to make the appearance of the calendar larger or increase the font size on the appointments, this is how. Increasing the Time Slot Height will simply increase the size of the time slot duration. For example...

Above is the standard slot height, below is the slot height increased to 40 pixels.

Set your calendar hour range

This setting will define the start and end hours of the calendar.  This is different to availability hours of chiropractors, for example...

If your clinic is open 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, you could set your start time at 7:30 AM and your end time as 8:30 PM to be able to book overflow appointments.

Select from the various miscellaneous options

There are currently eight miscellaneous calendar layout options.

  1.  Allow multiple appointments- Leave a small gap next to an appointment so that you can add additional appointments at the same time.
  2. Show current time indicator- Show a red line on the current day to indicate the time.
  3. View other practitioner appointments on active practitioners calendar -If selected, other practitioner appointments will show as faded in the background of the active practitioner's calendar. This is used to help manage busy clinics when you have limited spaces and multiple practitioners working at the same time.
  4. Highlight row when hovering on the calendar -If selected, this will highlight the row you are hovering on. This is a useful setting if you have a widescreen and/or many columns and struggle to know which slot you are clicking on.
  5. Highlight today -If selected, this will highlight today's column when looking at views of more than one day.
  6. Appointment note notification -Show red dot at front of patients name if the appointment has a note (useful for small screens where the icon is cut off)
  7. Appearance of the patient name- Choose whether you want the first name or last name appearing first.
  8. Show the current week or future dates when looking at 5 or 6-day view- Choose whether the calendar shows future dates, or the current week starting Monday.
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