Cancel Or Delete A Patient's Future Appointments

The process to cancel or delete all future appointments is very straightforward. Firstly you will need to locate the patient who wishes to cancel their appointments. This can be done by either searching for the patient or by clicking on an appointment.

Once you see the patient overview or appointment details, you will need to select "Appointments" from the top of the screen. To cancel all future appointments, click the actions tab in the top left. Select "Cancel All Future Appts" from the drop-down, you will be asked to input a cancellation note.  Alternatively, to delete, select "Delete All Future Appts". Please note, this is different from cancelling the appointments as there will be no record of these appointments in the patient file or on the calendar. This process is completely irreversible

You can also delete individual appointments by clicking the red "X" next to the appointment status.

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