Security & Access Permissions explained

Below we have given a very brief outline of what each security permission allows or prevents a user from doing. 


  • Access all dashboards (practitioners, locations & overall business) (Atlas only) - Specific to the KPI Dashboard, this setting allows for you to view all dashboards of all practitioners, locations and the overall business
  • Access only own dashboard (Atlas only) - Specific to the KPI Dashboard, this setting will allow only access to the user's own Dashboard
  • Access calendar - Allows the user access to the calendar. If not selected, the user will not be able to see the appointment calendar
  • Read-only calendar access (Users will only be able to view calendar and not make any changes) -  User can access the calendar, but they cannot click on any appointments or make any changes. The calendar is read-only
  • If account has IP address restriction, allow access to a restricted, readonly calendar only when accessing out of a valid IP range - If IP restriction is turned on, this setting will allow for the user to view a restricted, read-only calendar when accessing from a non-approved IP address
  • Access all appointments on calendar - User can access any appointment on the calendar by clicking on it
  • Access only own appointments on calendar - User only has access to their appointments on the calendar. Nothing will happen if other appointments clicked on
  • Access all patient files - Allows user to access all data stored within the file of a patient, for all patients
  • Access only own patient files - Allows user access to all data stored only own patient files


  • Access settings - Allows user to view all settings and amend as desired (except Security & Permissions and Team Member Administration)
  • Access billing -  User can access the account Billing page
  • Access role and permission settings - Allows user access to security roles and permissions to adjust as desired - this permission allows users to change these very settings
  • Access team member administration -  User can administer team members, including adding practitioners, users and making user inactive. Allows for user to change other user's email addresses
  • Access recall system -  Gives user access to the recall system with ability to administer and remove patients
  • Access Connect (Atlas only) - User can create automated or manual email or SMS campaigns to send to your patient base
  • Access patients list - User can view every patient via the patient list, including their file balance, date of birth and date of next appointment
  • Access finances -  User can view all invoices and their status


  • Access reporting section - Allows user access to the Reports section of PracticeHub. For user to see reports, you must select the relevant reports from the list. If none are selected the user will see no reports
  • Only allow access to own reports (only available to practitioner users) - Ensures user can only see their own data on the reports you have selected from the list

Patients & Appointments

  • Administer (view, edit, delete) own patient appointment notes - allows the user to view, edit and delete appointment notes they have created
  • Administer (view, edit, delete) all patient appointment notes - allows the user to view, edit and delete appointment notes of any user
  • Delete appointments - Allows user to delete appointments from the calendar and system
  • Edit patients - Allows user access to the "edit patient" section of a patient file, meaning they can change all personal, contact, referral, communication preference and other information
  • Delete patient - Allows the user to delete patient files permanently
  • Edit all patient financials - Gives user access to administer patient financials, such as void payments and edit and void invoices
  • Edit patient financials only on the day it was created - Gives user access to administer patient financials, such as void payments and edit and void invoices only on the day the record was created
  • Edit billable item and appointment type values - Allows the user to edit the billable items and appointment type values when processing and appointment
  • View only own patient and financial data - Prevents the user from seeing any patient and financial data other than their own
  • View all patient and financial data by assigned location - Prevents the user from seeing any patient and financial data from any other clinic location
  • View all patient and financial data - Allows user to all patient and financial data
  • Delete patient documents - User can delete patient documents from their file

Clinical Information

  • Access Practitioner Dashboard - gives the user access to the Practitioner Dashboard. This is vital for practitioner users to ensure they can complete their notes. Not to be confused with the KPI Dashboard
  • Access patient visit notes - Allows the user to view the "Visit Notes" tab on patient files
  • Edit "Completed" visit notes - Allows the user to edit notes that have been completed
  • Delete visit notes -  Allows the user to delete draft and completed visit notes
  • Access all practitioner dashboards via toggle on dashboard - Allows the user to access all practitioner dashboards
  • Only allow notes to be saved as draft- Prevents user from saving "Completed" treatment notes
  • Edit custom codes - Gives user access to administer custom does


  • Access all payroll (Usually for admins only) -  Give user access to view timesheets for all users
  • Access own payroll -  Allow user to view their own timesheets
  • Add Timesheet -  Allows user to add timesheet - can add for all or only self depending on above selection
  • Edit Timesheet -  Allows user to edit timesheet - can edit for all or only self depending on above selection
  • Delete Timesheet -  Allows user to delete timesheet - can delete for all or only self depending on above selection
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