Stripe: Set up and day-to-day usage

What is Stripe? 

Stripe is an online payment service, allowing for payments businesses to take payments directly from their platform. Stripe is tailored towards individual payments and is not used within the PracticeHub platform for recurring payments.

Why would I want to use Stripe?

Stripe allows for you to quickly and seamlessly take credit or debit card payments from your patients, all from within the PracticeHub platform. Stripe has the potential to replace a standard EPOS (electronic point of sale) system which requires additional hardware.

How do I integrate my PracticeHub account with Stripe?

The first step is to head to Settings > Integrations (the last option on the list). Second option on the list will be Stripe - Click the blue "Connect with Stripe" button...

You will be redirected to Stripe's account creation screen with a series of fields to complete. If you already have an active Stripe account, you can log in to this here in the upper right corner...

Stripe will ask you questions based on your business location and contact information. They will ask for further details on your product, as well as bank account details, sole-proprietor details, statement information and two-factor authentication. Once you have completed the fields on this form, you can create your account. You will be redirected back to PracticeHub and the integration page will now show the message: "You are connected to your Stripe account".

Using Stripe

Stripe is great for processing card payments very quickly. To process an appointment using Stripe as payment, you will need to click on the appointment as you would do normally to process it...

Once you have Stripe integrated, you will see it listed as a payment type on the Payment Method drop-down. Upon selecting, the screen will then offer space to enter a card number, expiration date and CVV code. Simply enter the details and hit Process. This will then charge the card you've entered for the billable items selected for the appointment. The card information entered will then be remembered for that patient and will autofill, should you choose the Stripe payment in future. 

Stripe can also be used on PracticeHub from the appointment creation window. You'll find the price box located in the bottom right corner. Simply enter the amount you wish to charge and you will be prompted to enter card details.

Stripe Can also be used to take payment in advance of of an online booking. To enable this, you will need to head to Settings > Online Bookings > Payments & Integrations. If integrated with Stripe already, you will simply need to check the field "Enable Stripe for Online Payments". You will then need to set a fee for each appointment type. Head to Settings > Appointment Types and click edit on your appointment type. Select the "Online Bookings" tab and you'll see where you can insert your chosen fee. The patient will be prompted to pay this fee upon confirming their appointment and this amount will be stored as a credit on the patient file.

Currently, you are not able to use Stripe via the Add "Payment/Credit" button on a patient file nor via the "new > invoice" button. This will not automatically charge any card on file. If the patient wishes to use Stripe to add a credit, this will need to be charged from Stripe directly, before being manually reconciled (via the Add Payment/Credit button).

Please note: 

This will store the patient's card details within Stripe. Stripe encrypt all of this information. No details are stored in PracticeHub and your patient's card details are not accessible in any way. When you attempt to charge a patient, PracticeHub pulls this information from Stripe.  It is the user's responsibility to inform the patient that their details will be encrypted and stored by Stripe. We reccomend adding this to your terms and conditions.

Deleting Card Numbers From Stripe & PracticeHub

Should a patient not want card details stored by Stripe, you are able to delete this information from Stripe and from appearing in PracticeHub also. To do this, Find the Patient who you need to remove the information from. Select the "Billing" tab. Look to the left of screen and you will see the default payment card listed under the Billing section. To Delete, simply hit the red delete button.

You will then be prompted to confirm this...

Click OK and the card details will have been removed from Stripe and they will no longer appear in PracticeHub.

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