SMS Messaging: An Overview

What's first?

Before you can send any SMS messages, you will need to ensure you have SMS credits available to use. Each individual SMS message uses 1 credit. To add credits to your account, head to Settings > SMS Settings and you will see the option to top up at the bottom of your screen. A table including the price per credit is included below...

How can you send SMS messages?

Once you have applied your first SMS credits, you will be ready to send out SMS messages. This can be done via your confirmations or reminders (Creating Your Confirmations & Reminders) via Connect campaigns (Connect: An Overview (Atlas) or via the individual SMS send tool (Sending Individual SMS Messages) Any messages sent will appear in the patient overview as an outgoing communication.

Where are your SMS messages sent from? 

These come from an 11-character long alpha-numeric string. As the messages are not coming from a telephone number, the recipient is unable to reply. However, for a small monthly fee (varies by country) you can lease a telephone number which will enable you to receive replies by email and respond. For a further small fee, you can re-route the calls to your clinic number. To set this us, please contact us.

Can patients reply to SMS messages?

Replying to SMS messages is only possible if you are to lease a telephone number from us. The fee for this is dependant on your location and is something we would set up on your behalf. You would be given a permanent number which works as a standard telephone number - the number can be responded to and patients can save the number in their phone book as whatever they desire. There would be no "send from" name and the message would come from the number that we provide you with. The responses you receive would come through via email and also saves on the patient's log on their file. Should you wish to respond to the patient once more, this is done by replying to the email - this will then send an SMS response and use a credit as normal. You can also reply via the manual SMS feature on the patient file.

You can also arrange for "call forwarding". This means that if a patient calls the number, instead of it being a "dead" line, the call will be forwarded to a number of your choice. Costs vary depending on whether you forward to a landline or a mobile.

If this is not something you wish to incorporate into your PracticeHub account, sticking with the standard process, we would suggest including a "no-reply" message in your texts.

Auto-recharge and sender name 

We've written a separate article on the auto-recharge feature and sender name. These are super easy to locate and amend. One important thing to note - you must have a sender name or your SMS messages will not send! See the below article for full details > How to enable "auto-recharge" of SMS credits

How much do SMS credits cost?

The cost of SMS credits varies depending on your location. The below table outlines the price in Sterling pence. For example, the price per credit in the United Kingdom is £0.05p per credit.

Country Code Country Price in Pence
AD Andorra 3.1
AE United Arab Emirates 4.59
AL Albania 9.8
AM Armenia 9.1
AT Austria 10.4
AU Australia 6.55
AZ Azerbaijan 15
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 9.18
BE Belgium 11.05
BG Bulgaria 9.18
BY Belarus 7.2
CH Switzerland 8.15
CY Cyprus 9.39
CZ Czech Republic 6.27
DE Germany 9.64
DK Denmark 4.26
EE Estonia 9.6
ES Spain 9.48
FI Finland 9.36
FR France 8.8
GB United Kingdom (UK) 5
GE Georgia 8.24
GR Greece 7.21
HR Croatia 6.31
HU Hungary 8.24
ID Indonesia 4.38
IE Ireland 8.24
IS Iceland 4.21
IT Italy 9.95
KZ Kazakhstan 6.37
LI Liechtenstein 4.52
LT Lithuania 5.52
LU Luxembourg 7.12
LV Latvia 7.77
MC Monaco 15.89
MD Moldova 7.3
ME Montenegro 3.84
MK Macedonia (FYROM) 7.21
MT Malta 4.5
NL Netherlands 10.3
NO Norway 7.49
NZ New Zealand 10.77
PL Poland 5.52
PT Portugal 5.9
RO Romania 8.05
RS Serbia 3.1
RU Russia 5.9
SE Sweden 6.84
SG Singapore 4.5
SI Slovenia 6.09
SK Slovakia 7.77
SM San Marino 4.03
TR Turkey 4.4
UA Ukraine 9.83
XK Kosovo 10.11

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