Changing The Duration Of Calendar Time Slots

"Time Slot Duration" refers to the duration of a slot on the calendar. For example, If your Time Slot Duration is 15 minutes, your calendar will look like the below image. The appointment listed is a 15-minute appointment.

To change time slot durations on your calendar, you will first need to navigate to Settings->Clinics. Click on to the name of the clinic you wish to change and select the Calendar Settings tab.

Once you are on the Calendar Settings tab, you will have the following list of options. Use the drop down to change the slot duration in 5-minute increments up to 60 minutes.

Please be aware that changing the slot duration can have a knock-on effect in relation to your appointments and their appearance in the calendar. For example, if you have an appointment booked for 10:10 am and you change to a 15-minute slot duration, this appointment will then be partially obscured.

Please see below for an example of a calendar that has had a 10-minute slot duration, and then moved to a 15 minutes slot duration.  The 10-minute appointments are slightly offset due to the length and start time.

One fix for this is to change the appointment to start on a 15-minute increment and to span 15 minutes in length. To enable you to edit appointments that are already scheduled, you will need to change the slot duration to 5 minutes. Changing the appointment duration can be done by dragging the appointment down from the line at the bottom. Please be aware that you will need to amend the appointment length through the appointment types for any future appointments. Changing the appointment length through the appointment types will only change the length of future appointments created, appointments already scheduled will need to be amended manually.

Time Slot Duration Format

The second option down on the Calendar Settings screen is the Time slot duration format. You can change whether the calendar appears in 12-hour or 24-hour format, to do so, click the drop-down and select your preference.

Overriding per Practitioner

The time slot duration you set can be overridden on an individual practitioners calendar. You can access this setting via the practitioner's "Practitioner & Note Taking Tab" in their Team Member settings area. Select your slot duration from the drop-down list titled "Default Time Slot Duration". Make sure to save!

One thing to note however is that the Practitioner Time slot allocation will need to match the allotted appointment types:

So lets say I set up my practice like this:
Pete = 5 min durations
Will = 10 min durations
Dave = 15 min durations

Pete can be booked for any appointment that is a multiple of 5 minutes long. So 5, 10, 15 min etc
Will, any multiple of 10. So 10, 20, 30min (but not 15, 25)
Dave any mulitple of 15, so 15, 30, 45min (but couldn't be booked for a 20min massage for example)

If you're having trouble settng up online booking and having certain practitioners not show up as available, this is likely the reason.  5 Minute availablility is your go-to if you want a practitioner to be generally available for all appointment types

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