Creating and applying care plans (for Care Plan Tracking) to a patient (Atlas)

To create your care plans for use on the care plan tracker, you'll need to head to the patient file whereby you wish to apply the plan. Select the Appointments tab and then click the "Actions" drop down menu. On the list that appears, you'll see "Add Care Plan".

You will then see the creation window appear. Below we will run through each setting to help you better understand how to best set up your plans.

Create from blank or Create from template - Either create a new plan or select a template. You're able to create new templates by checking the "Create template from this plan"

When would you like the plan to start? - Simply choose from Today, Tomorrow, Next Monday or choose a custom date

Modality - Select the modality of your care plan

Filter out appointment types - Select which appointment types are filtered out of care plan tracking. These will be appointments that are not part of this plan, that the patient may be booked in for.

Type - Select the type - Either "Fixed term" or "Ongoing". Fixed is great for initial care phases. Ongoing is suited to wellness or maintenance plans

Care Plan Phases A phase is the number of visits, their frequency and the duration they span. Select the number of appointments, the frequency (such as every week, every 2/3/4 weeks) and the duration in weeks that the phase runs for. An example phase would be twice a week for 4 weeks. You would select 2 for "number of appointments", week for "every" and 4 weeks for "Instances". This would be a total of 10 visits. The total visits of a plan is shown below the type setting. You can add multiple phases in to one care plan, simply click the "Add phase" button. If creating an "ongoing" plan, you will not be able to change the "for duration of" field from "ongoing" and you will not be able to add multiple phases. 

Visit Rules - Set your visit rules. If you need specific appointment types on specific visit numbers, this is where you can apply the rule. When hovering over the patient, these appointment types will show with a countdown for when they will need to be booked.  If you attempt to book an incorrect appointment type you will receive a warning. If you then book the incorrect appointment type in, you will see warnings on file and on the processing window that the appointment type is incorrect. You can add multiple rules by clicking the "Add rule" button.  

Once you are done, make sure to hit Save. Your care plan will now be added to the patient.  This will appear on the patient's appointments tab. This is where you are able to edit the plan and also remove the plan (by editing and setting as inactive).

To learn more on using Care Plan Tracking click here.

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