Adding Practitioner To Calendar & Setting Up Hours

Setting up a practitioner's diary is an important step in ensuring your practitioner appears on the calendar and can have patients booked in with them.

A Practitioner's hours are specific to the the clinic that they are working from. To add or alter these hours, head to Settings > Clinics.

You will then see a list of all of your active clinics - click "Edit" on the relevant clinic

You will then need to click on the "Assigned and Active Practitioners tab". This will show you all assigned practitioners to the calendar for that location and now you can either add new ones on or edit current practitioners hours. To edit a current practitioners hours, simply select them from the list on the left of screen and amend their hours by clicking on the relevant time and altering from the drop down menu

To add a new practitioner, click the "Add New Practitioner" button. You will then see the following pop up.

Select your practitioner from the drop down menu. Check the relevant days that you wish for them to appear on the calendar and set the times using the drop down menus. Breaks can be added once you have saved the availability.  When you return to the overview of practitioners, select the relevant practitioner and click the blue "Add Break" button on the relevant day. Multiple breaks can be added. 

Once you are finished, scroll to the bottom and hit "Save Availability"

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