Create clinic, practitioner and appointment-specific online booking links

It is possible to create clinic, practitioner and appointment specific booking links for your online bookings. These clickable links will take you directly to a specific page, allowing you to guide patients to book certain appointment types with certain practitioners in certain clinics.

To create your links, head to Settings > Online Bookings. Upon clicking "Online Bookings" you'll see the following screen...

Towards the bottom of screen, you will see "URL Builder". The builder contains three drop down menus. Select the specific clinic, followed by the appropriate practitioner. Finally, you will need to select the relevant appointment type. Once you have these parameters as desired, hit the "Generate URL" button.

Upon generating the URL, you will see these appear below the builder...

You will have a direct link which you can copy and paste, or if you prefer, there is an embed link to embed the page into another web page.

Want to create links for appointment types at a discounted price or for free?

If you are looking to offer a discounted or free version of an appointment type you already have, you will need to create a new appointment type first. First we reccomend creating the value element of this by making your discounted service > Creating Services & Products. The next step will be to create the actual appointment type that you apply the discounted service to. You can learn how here > Creating Appointment Types. When creating your appointment type, pay close attention to the "Online Bookings" tab of the set up, ensuring this is exactly as you require. Ensure that the relevant practitioners offer the new appointment type and you'll be ready to go. Make your booking links using the above instructions!

Should you want to hide this appointment type from view on your online booking tools and only be available via the link you've built, make sure to untick the "make online bookings enabled" field in the appointment type settings.

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