Create and modify custom codes

Custom codes allow for you to quickly add phrases, words or sentences in to your advanced visit note by the click of a button. You have custom codes for each of the 4 SOAP fields, as well as custom codes for your "Front Desk Note". There's two ways to create and edit your codes, either from the Practitioner Dashboard, directly on a note or from your account settings page.

If creating from your account settings screen, you will want to click on your initials in the top right corner of your calendar. Select account settings from the calendar. You will then need to select the "Custom Codes" tab. This will take you to the custom codes overview screen. To learn how to edit and create codes, see below...

If creating or editing your codes from the Practitioner Dashboard, you will need to open up an appointment and select the "Advanced Visit Note" from the "New Blank Form" drop down.

Select the edit icon on the right of screen.

Creating and editing Codes

You will then be taken to the custom codes creation screen. Here you will see a list of all of your codes.

You can reorder the codes at any time by simply dragging the codes to your preferred order. Make sure to click "Save order" when you are done.

To create a new code, simply click "Add Code". You'll then see the code creation window.

The short name field is the title of the code - this will appear on the tile you will be clicking. The long description is the text that will be generated when you click on the code. The code category is the field/s you wish for the code to appear in. Your code can appear in all fields if desired - simply check the relevant boxes.. Finally you've the code colour - make sure to click on the colour chart to select your desired colour.

To edit a code you've already created, simply click on the code in the overview.

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