How to get a list of Active and Inactive patients

The best way to create a list of all active and inactive patients is to run a patient data export. You can do this by going to Reports > Data Exports. 

You will then be taken to a separate page. On this page, select "patients" from the drop-down menu and leave the "date" field empty. After this, simply press the button "Create CSV file" and it will create a report on excel. For more information on how to open a CSV file on PracticeHub, follow this article: How to Open CSV Files

Now that a spreadsheet has been generated, if you look at column "F" you'll see it is titled "Status". If you sort by this column, you'll be able to prioritise patients who are active or inactive. The method of prioritising their status will vary depending on what software you are using; Microsoft or IOS for example. 

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