Why aren't all my appointment types appearing in the dropdown?

When booking patients for an appointment, you will use the appointment type drop down menu to select your appointment type. You may notice this list to be missing appointment types. There is generally one cause for this, when booking in a returning regular patient. The practitioner that you are looking to book the patient in with will not have that appointment type as a service that they offer. The drop down menu will only show services that the practitioner offers. You can find instructions on how to assign appointment types to practitioners click here.

New Patients

When looking to book new patients, you may also encounter this issue with NP-specific appointment types not showing.  If a NP-specific appointment type has a non-NP statistic type, it will not appear when you are trying to book in a new patient. To change the statistic type of an appointment, simply head over to Settings > Appointment types. From here, you will have to select the appointment that you would like to make available for a new patient and select the option in the drop down shown below. You will have to do this with each individual appointment that you would like available to a new patient. 

Hit save and you are done - you will now see the appointment types with a NP statistic type showing when you attempt to book a new patient in for an appointment.

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