The Self-Service Import Template

If you are switching to PracticeHub you may have downloaded the import template and be left wondering, what to do next. (If you haven't already downloaded the import template you can do that here)

The template consists of only 1 sheet - Your patient data.

Columns must remain where they are, and not be modified.

If you need further assistance with any of the information in this article, please get in touch with us and we will help you as much as we can.

Patient Sheet

The patient sheet holds all the patient demographics such as name, title, contact details etc. Required fields are Patient ID, first and last name.  Everything else is optional. The below letters relate to the column letter in the template.

A. Patient ID - This can be an alpha, numeric or both. No symbols can be used such as - or ,. The patient ID must be unique to each patient to prevent conflicts.

B. Title - The patient's title. This field can be left blank if desired. You are only able to use the following titles and must be spelt as listed; Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Master, Sir, Lord, Lady, Dr, Professor, Reverend, Father. You will not need a "." after the title

C-D. First Name & Last Name - Both fields can contain any characters desired. Please place middle names in to the first name field separated by a space and any further surnames in the last name field separated by a space.

E. Email Address - This must contain the entire email address in standard email address format. This field can be left blank if desired.

F. Gender - You may only use the letter F for female and M for male. The system will not accept the full word. Should a patient not want to disclose this, leaving the field blank will not list a gender.

G. Date of Birth - This must be in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. You will not be able to use other symbols such as / or . to separate the date. You must use -. This field can be left blank if desired.

H. Account Balance - This is the patient's balance on file. This field can be left blank if desired.

I. Permanent Note - This field will place a note in the patient's file. The field is a free text space, allowing you to input whatever you desire. This field can be left blank if desired.

J. Status - This column allows only for patients to be marked as Active or Archived. No other statuses are possible. if another status is used, the patient will be skipped on import. If the column is not filled, the patient will be marked as Active.

K-Q. Address Lines 1,2,3, City, Postcode, County, Country - These columns allow for inputting a patient's full address. These fields can be left blank if desired.

R-T. Mobile, Home & Work Telephone Numbers - Must be formatted in your local region format (i.e. UK 07910 123 456).  If they are not formatted properly, it may cause issues with SMS communications. Please ensure all numbers are complete including area codes and are placed in the correct columns to ensure numbers are tagged correctly. Please be advised all numbers will be tagged to the default country of your account. Any international numbers will need to be manually tagged. These fields can be left blank if desired.

Sending your data to us

When your data is ready to send to us, we would highly reccomend using a password to protect the .xlsx file. We reccomend sending the entire template, not seperate sheets. Alternatively, if you use Dropbox, files can be securely shared via Dropbox also. If you are emailing your password protected data, please email this to 

Further Assistance

Should you require further help with the template or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist!

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