Going Paperless : What steps do I have to take?

Going Paperless takes a bit of thought in the set-up process, but once up and running, will save you loads of time and will be doing the environment some good too... Ultimately, you are going to be switching from traditional hard-copy based methods of note taking and form completion to the more efficient digital based method that we have developed in PracticeHub. This comes in the form of practitioner forms and patient forms.

You will need to use our handy form builders to develop these forms as you wish. Custom images can be placed on your forms and you've plenty of control to enable you to tailor your forms as desired. To learn more about the creation process of your custom forms, take a look at the following articles which will give you some guidance:

Once you've created your forms, you'll need to get these integrated in to your clinic. Your patient facing forms can be accessed in several ways, depending on when you best prefer a patient to complete them;

  • Have the patient complete their form upon completion of the online booking process - You'll need to ensure the "Associated Appointment Types" are correct in your form's settings. When the patient completes their booking, they are asked to complete the appropriate form.

  • The patient completes the form on a tablet whilst in the clinic - The forms are simply accessed directly from the form portal or from the appropriate patient's file.

Completed forms are automatically saved to the patient file. If your form includes any personal or contact information requirements, whatever is entered and saved will save to the patient file.

As for practitioner forms, you'll be able to access these from the Practitioner Dashboard. Your forms will appear in the "New Blank Form" drop down menu. 

All completed and saved forms will save to the patient file and will be accessible from the "Forms & Files" tab.

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