I can't log in to my account

You may encounter an issue in accessing your account and this could be due to a number of different reasons. We reccomend troubleshooting against the below list.

Permissions - You may not have the correct user permissions to access the calendar. Your PracticeHub login page will direct you to the calendar. If you do not have the permission to view the calendar, you will simply see a blank screen. You will need to ensure the user's security role offers permission to access the calendar by going to settings > security & permissions. More information can be found here.

IP restriction - You may have an IP address restriction associated with your account. This means that you are only able to locate PracticeHub from a certain IP Address. To learn more about IP restrictions, take a look here.

Incorrect password -  Are you entering the correct password? Ensure you are entering the password exactly as when created. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this by clicking the "forgot your password" link on the login page or by requesting an administrator to send a password reset link to your account. PLEASE NOTE: When resetting your password, please ensure that there are no users logged in to PracticeHub on the computer you are using. The password reset link is a one-time link and cannot be clicked more than once.

Incorrect email address - The email address you enter must be in the correct format and must match the address chosen when created. If you have forgotten this address an administrator user will be able to locate and share this with you. Should you wish to change your email address, this will need to be done by an administrator user. 

I never received a password reset link - This may relate to your email address - you will need to ensure the email address associated with your account is correct and attempt to resend the reset link.

Incorrect URL - Are you using the correct web address to access your account? You are looking for the following in the web browser address bar > https://{your_account}.practicehub.io. (replace {your_account} with your account name)

Inactive account - Your account may have been made inactive - check with an administrator to see if your account is still active.

If you are still having issues in trying to access your account and have completed all of the above steps, please email us at help@practicehub.io.

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