Add A New Admin User

Adding new admin users is a straightforward process and is completely free. You are entitled to unlimited admin users on your account. To learn how to create these non-practitioner based users, follow the below steps.

Step 1

Click the menu button in the top left of the screen to display the left sidebar, "General" options and "Support" options. Select "Settings". This will open up another menu, select "Team Members" from the "Admin" menu.

Step 2

Clicking "Team Members" will take you to the list of currently active and inactive team members. Click the "Add New Admin User" button.

Step 3

From this screen, by using the tabs, you can complete the new admin user's details. The following settings are editable;

Personal Details

Input the user's title, first name and last name. Make sure to use an email address that the user has access to. Ensure the user is set as "active". Add a photo by clicking "choose file".

Security & Communication

Choose to set up 2-factor authentication, choose your security role (these can be amended in Settings > Security Roles) or choose whether to restrict the user by IP Address. This setting will only allow the user access to PracticeHub when they are at the IP address inputted. You can add multiple IP addresses. opt in or out of daily recall emails and decide whether the user requires access to enter time sheets.

Step 4

Upon completion, the new user will need to verify their account and create their password. They will automatically receive a welcome email containing a link to set up their password and verify their account. Once this is complete, they will be able to log in using their email address and password. The account owner can edit their security permissions at any time and remove their access to the system if need be.

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