Practitioner Modality

Practitioner modalities allow you to categorise practitioners, appointment types and services based on what is being provided to your patients (e.g. Chiropractic, Sports Massage, Osteopathy etc). Patients can have a default practitioner for each different modality.

This article will show you very quickly how to create different modalities and how to implement these against your appointment types and practitioners.


Open up the left-hand side bar and click on Settings. At the bottom of Admin you will see Practitioner Modalities. Clicking on this will open up the modalities overview. Here you will see all of your current modalities. Use the blue Edit button to rename or make any modality inactive. To create a new modality, use the Add Practitioner Modality button in the upper right of screen.

Simply input the name of your new modality, such as "Physiotherapy" or "Chiropody", ensure the status is active and hit Save. You'll then see the new modality appear in the overview, ready to apply to appointment types and practitioners.

Once you have created your modalities, you will now need to add these to the appropriate appointment types.

Adding Modality to Appointment Types

Adding a modality to new or current appointment types is done by heading to Settings > Appointment Types. You'll see an overview of your appointment types. Either create a new appointment type or select edit on an existing appointment type. 

You will see below the calendar prompt field the "appointment Modality" field appears as a drop down list. Select the relevant modality from here and make sure to click save.

Now, you will need to ensure that the correct practitioners have the appropriate modality again their name...

Adding Modality to Practitioners

To set the correct modality for a practitioner, head to Settings > Team Members. Press edit on the relevant team member and tab over to "Practitioner & Note taking".

The first option available to you is to select the modality of the practitioner. Please note that you are only able to select one modality. Make sure to hit save in the top right.

You will now see on the patient file that you have the ability to have multiple practitioners for all of the modalities you have set up. You will need to ensure you have selected these upon completion.

Under the "other info" tab on the "edit patient" screen, you will find the drop down menus to select the patient's default practitioner for those modalities.

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