Privacy Mode

Privacy mode is a feature allowing you to hide patient data appearing on your calendar and practitioner dashboard.


To use Privacy mode on your calendar screen you will want to click the eye symbol at the top of the calendar. 

Upon clicking the eye, your calendar will then blur out all patient names. Any calendar blockouts will remain clear and viewable. The eye icon will now have a line through it.

As you can see above, the patient names are unrecognisable and all blockouts and appointment guides appear. To return to the standard view, simply click the eye symbol again and you will be able to see all patient names.

Practitioner Dashboard

Privacy mode within the practitioner dashboard works identically to that of the calendar. Whether you are using the basic or advanced view, all information will be hidden. Click the "eye" toggle.

As with the calendar, once you have turned on Privacy, you will only be able to see the appointment type. Advanced information and checked in status will all be hidden.

Clicking the Privacy toggle again will then show all patient names once again. 

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