Creating Appointment Types

To create your appointment types, you'll need to head to Settings > Appointment Types.

You will be greeted with an overview of your appointment types. From this screen, you will be able to see at a glance your appointment types, their durations, their confirmation and reminder communication channels and their online booking setting. You can edit current appointment types (click the blue Edit button) and also make them inactive (click the Make Inactive) button from this window.

This menu will also allow you to reorder your appointment types. Reordering these appointment types will change the order they appear on any drop down menu in PracticeHub. To reorder, simply click and drag by the cross-hair on to the left of the appointment type name. Once your order is listed as you desire, hit the green Save Order button.

To create a new appointment type, hit the blue Add Appointment Type Button. You will then see the creation window appear. Here you will be see several tabs; general settings, confirmations and reminders and online booking.

We will run through the settings for you below. Each sub-heading below (General settings, Confirmations & Reminders, Online Bookings)  refers to a tab within the appointment type creation/editing window.

General Settings

  • Name - Input the chosen name. If you are editing a current appointment type, any change made will affect all previous appointments of this type.
  • Type - The type of appointment - you have the choice of group or individual - To learn more about group appointments click here.
  • Colour - The colour of the appointment block on the calendar.
  • Statistics, Reporting & Online Bookings -  Choose the associated type of appointment. This is to categorise to enable PVA, ROF conversions and other specific Chiropractic business metrics in the reporting section. The options offered are; new patient visit, report of findings, progress report, spinal adjustment and other.
  • Calendar Prompt - This will show a prompt on the calendar when this appointment type is booked. it will appear as a bubble at the bottom of screen
  • Appointment Modality - Choose the modality specific to the appointment type. For example, for an adjustment, you would select Chiropractic. Modalities are user defined and can be created in Settings > Practitioner Modalities.
  • Default Durations (mins) - This can be overridden on a per-practitioner basis. If you change the default duration here, you will also need to change that for the duration for practitioners too. You can view this under each practitioners "Practitioner & Note Taking" settings via team member settings.
  • Default Number of Columns - This refers to the number of columns on the calendar that the appointment covers (applicable to resource view users only)
  • Default Billable Services and/or Products - This is where the monetary element of your appointment type comes in. You need to assign services and/or products to your appointment type. Select the relevant service/product from the drop down menu and hit add. You may wish to use a service or product not previously used. To do this you will need to create these new services or products click here.

Confirmations & Reminders

For confirmations and reminders, you will see 4 check boxes. Confirmation SMS, Confirmation Email, Reminder SMS and Reminder Email. Check the boxes that you wish to enable.

Every time you check a box, the menu will expand and will now offer you a field to insert your confirmation or reminder text. Enter whatever text you wish, using the placeholders to personalise your message. If you are unsure on placeholders, click here for more information. you are also able to attach custom forms (Atlas only) to the text if required.

Please note; Leaving the field blank will use PracticeHub's default copy. These are as follows:

SMS - Confirmation

Hi {{First Name}}, this is a confirmation of your appointment with {{Practitioner - First Name}} {{Practitioner - Last Name}} at {{Appointment Location}} on {{Appointment Date}} at {{Appointment Time}}

Email - Confirmation

Subject : Appointment Confirmation at {{Appointment Location}}

Hi {{First Name}}

This is a confirmation of your appointment with {{Practitioner - First Name}} {{Practitioner - Last Name}} at {{Appointment Location}}

Date & Time : {{Appointment Date}} at {{Appointment Time}}

Kind regards

The team at {{Appointment Location}}

SMS - Reminder

Hi {{First Name}}, a reminder your appointment with {{Practitioner - First Name}} {{Practitioner - Last Name}} at {{Appointment Location}} is on {{Appointment Date}} at {{Appointment Time}}. See you there :)

Email - Reminder

Subject : Appointment Reminder at {{Appointment Location}}

Hi {{First Name}}

A reminder your appointment with {{Practitioner - First Name}} {{Practitioner - Last Name}} at {{Appointment Location}} is coming up on {{Appointment Date}} at {{Appointment Time}}. See you there :)

Kind regards

The team at {{Appointment Location}}

With reference to SMS confirmations and reminders, please be advised that 160 characters represents one text message, thus one credit. If you go over that limit you will be charged extra credits.

Online Bookings

  • Make Available for Online Bookings - To ensure your patients can book through your website, you will need to check this box at the top of screen.
  • Description - If desired, you can then enter a description of the appointment to appear in the online booking widget.
  • Cluster Booking Availability - If this is turned on, PracticeHub will prioritise available slots in between other appointments first, before or after appointments second and if there are no appointments on that particular day default back to regular availability.
  • Accessible to - Allows for you to tailor who can and cannot book the appointment type. Select from new, regular or both patients.
  • Calendar Availability - Allows for you to tailor where appointments can be booked. You can choose from bookable inside guide slots only, bookable outside guide slots only or both. 
  • Online Booking Fee -  Allows for you to charge an online booking fee, if desired.

Once you have all your settings in place, make sure to hit save and you're appointment type will now be created. 

You will now need to ensure the correct practitioners offer this appointment type. To learn how to assign the appointment type to a practitioner, click here

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