Exporting Your Patient Data - What information can you retrieve?

PracticeHub allows you to export your patient data to CSV (Comma Separated Value) format which you can open up in Excel or any other spreadsheet programme.

CSV is also used as the global standard for importing into other platforms.

To do this, head over to the left sidebar, click Reports > Data Exports.

On this page will have a few options available. Firstly, select "Patients" followed by the relevant date range (leave blank for "all time"). Now click "Download CSV File".  Depending on the size of your data file, this can take up to 5 minutes so please be patient.  Do not close down your browser tab or it will cancel your export.

Once the export is complete, it'll download the patient list as a CSV to your computer where your browser automatically saves downloaded files (usually Downloads).

You now have full access to your patient data.

What can I find out from my Patient Export?

There will be many bits of information you can pull from your patient exports. Below is a list of the readily accessible information on your patient export;

  • PracticeHub internal ID
  • Encrypted ID
  • Patient number
  • Status
  • Name
  • Default practitioner
  • Default clinic
  • Contact details (email, contact numbers, address)
  • Next and last appointment
  • Gender
  • Account balance
  • Total visits
  • Marketing preferences

With the above information, you would be able to achieve the following;

  • View a list of patients with upcoming appointments
  • View patients under or over a certain age
  • View patients by location
  • View patients in order or registration
  • View patients by gender
  • View patients by account credit or debit
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