Migrating From Your Current System

Switching Over

If you are switching from another system, we can help you import your data.  This is only available to customers who are on a paid plan.

We are experienced in switching customers over from Cliniko, TM2, TM3, Healthy Practice, Clinic Office, Capable, PPS & PracticePal amongst others.

Due to the nature of how data is stored differently over various platforms, there is a limit to what kind of information we can migrate into PracticeHub to ensure the integrity of the import.  These are :

  • Patient Details
  • Title
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile/Work/Home Telephone
  • Permanent Patient Note
  • Gender
  • Status (Active or Archived)
  • Postal Address
  • Account Balance (Debit or Credit).  This is only possible if provided in an easy to convert format or a pre-converted format
  • Appointments (Past & Future)
  • Appointment Types
  • Practitioners & Locations

How to import

To import your data into PracticeHub you will need to extract and convert the data yourself. You will then need to provide us with the data and we will import this for you. We provide you with our import template. This template is an Excel document with separate sheets for appointments, patients, appointment types, practitioners and locations. You can download the import template here. We also have a step-by-step guide which explains the template and will help you to complete. to view this guide, please click here.

This is provided as a free service to all new customers of PracticeHub.  This is only available once you have signed up for a subscription.  


Timelines for import are subject to availability.  This is done overnight and can be set to run any day of the week.  It can take several hours depending on the amount of data.

Possible Issues with migrations

By limiting the type of data we can import, we minimise discrepancies in the data and maximise the integrity.

Here is a list of possible issues with migration that can cause delays and ways to counter them :

  1.  There is the possibility of user input error.  If the import templates are not correct, this will cause the data in PracticeHub to either not show correctly or in the case of the calendar appointments not show at all.  If you have concerns about this, we recommend using the paid migration service.
  2. Vendor apathy.  As you are switching platform, the vendor you are currently using may not be as committed to helping you as they should.  Be aware of this and if you encounter it, expect delays in the migration process and thus build this into your timeline.
  3. Data extraction fees.  Some vendors charge for you to extract your data, so please contact your vendor to inquire about this beforehand.
  4. Incorrect data exports from the vendor.  Occasionally when we receive data exports from vendors, they are corrupted or incorrect.  Make sure you check over any export a vendor does to ensure data integrity.

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