Creating Patient Tags

Patient tags are a great way to visually segment your patient base. Tags appear when you hover over a patient on the calendar, on the patient file, the practitioner dashboard and can also be used to filter patients for campaigns in Connect and for searching for patients too. Tags will appear on data exports for greater patient base analysis too.

Step 1

As with most other user-editable content, you will need to navigate to the sidebar menu. Click "Settings" and scroll down to "Other". Here you will see "Patient Tags". Click this to head through to the patient tags page.

Step 2

Below you'll see the Patient Tags overview. Adding a new tag is done simply by clicking the blue "Add New Tag" button. You will need to input a title and pick a colour for the tag. Once chosen, click save. As always, it is possible to reorder the list and edit the tags. Deleting tags is also possible by using the red buttons. Don't forget to click save if you are reordering!

To learn how to apply the tags to patient files, click here.

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