Accessing PracticeHub From A Mobile Device

Sometimes, you might need to access PracticeHub whilst on the go or away from your computer. To access your PracticeHub account, you'll first need to open your device's web browser.

You will then need to input your unique PracticeHub URL into the address bar. For example, "". It will contain your agreed account name, followed by "". When this screen loads, you will see the below the login screen, specific to your Practice.

Once you've entered your login credentials, you will see your PracticeHub calendar appear. The appearance of the calendar is practically identical to your desktop view. The small differences come in some of the more condensed controls...

As can be seen above, you can still view your calendar in the day and work week views. You are still able to navigate day by day or week by week (dependant on view) by using the two blue arrows in the top left. Privacy mode and the "Today" button are both also visible. You also have the option to view all practitioners or specific practitioners with the "Show All" button in the top right. 

Booking appointments are identical to PracticeHub on your desktop computer. Simply tap the time you wish to book and you'll see the familiar appointment booking window appear!

Using the button in the top right with your practice name, you are able to open and close shifts, cash up, view current shift summaries and switch clinics (if applicable).

The menu button in the top left will show up a far more streamlined set of options, more suited to mobile devices...

As the screenshot above shows, you can also access your dashboard on your mobile device. Like PracticeHub desktop, you are able to filter your statistics by several metrics to ensure you can view the data that you want to view, as quickly as possible.

You are also able to search for patients, view their profile, financial history and future appointments.

You also have access to your recalls, exactly as you would through PracticeHub desktop. Patients can be marked as having booked an appointment, moved to a future recall date, re-assigned or removed from recalls altogether.

You may also note that your log out button appears under the menu.

Lastly, you still have us down in the bottom right corner just in case you need any help or have any questions! 

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