Creating Resources For Resource View

Resource view is the most popular (and our default) calendar view used by our customers. This is down to its great flexibility, giving chiropractors the opportunity to see many more patients!

If you haven't already got Resource view selected, go to Settings- > Clinics -> click you clinic name ->tab to calendar settings-> select Resource View -> Save Location. 

The resources you create are also visible on the Patient Flow Tracker. This allows for you to see at a glance where all patients are within your clinic.

To set up your "resources" (benches, slots, rooms etc.) follow these steps...

Navigate your way to Settings -> Calendar Resources (under Admin). From here you will see your Calendar Resources overview. It will look a little something like the screenshot below...

To change the order of your resources, click and drag the crosshair icon to the left of the resource name so they are in the order you desire. make sure to click Save Order.

To add a new resource, press Add Resource in the top right...

Input the name of your resource, select your location and make sure the status is set to Active for the resource to appear on your calendar. Hit Save.

To edit a resource, click the blue Edit button on the corresponding resource. Make the changes you wish to make and hit Save. Please note, making the Resource Status "Inactive" will mean this resource no longer appears on your calendar and will fall into the Inactive tab on your Resource overview.

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