MailChimp Integration

The following article will guide you in creating your MailChimp integration, creating your custom fields to allow for regular update to your contacts and finally, importing your current patients as contacts.

Please note: Make sure you check about MailChimp Double Opt-In and Single Opt-In settings for your MailChimp lists before you integrate your MailChimp account to ensure your patients do not receive emails asking them to confirm the addition. (

Step one: Create your integration

The first step is to integrate your MailChimp account, head on over to Settings > Integrations.

Once on the Integrations screen, you'll see MailChimp listed first. Here you'll need to enter your MailChimp API key.  If you do not have this or do not know where to get it, you can read the MailChimp here to find where it is in your account. Once you have your key, enter it into the box provided.

Hit the save button, and you'll be presented with a drop-down of your MailChimp "Audiences". If you have an Audience that you want to use, select that and hit save. Please note using a pre-made audience may limit the information you can sync from PracticeHub. Alternatively head on over to MailChimp and create a new Audience. This article will help > Make sure to stop following the article at "Organise your Audience" and come back to this article.

Make sure if you create a new MailChimp list, to back to your PracticeHub Integrations page and select the Audience from the drop down menu.

You'll then need to add some custom fields to your list to enable the integration to operate and start syncing.

Step Two: Creating your Custom Fields and Merge Tags for syncing

PracticeHub can send over the following pieces of data to MailChimp:

  1. Email Address
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Birthday
  5. Home Phone
  6. Mobile Phone
  7. Last Appointment Date
  8. Next Appointment Date
  9. Patient Status
  10. Practitioner Last Seen
  11. Clinic Last Visited
  12. Default Clinic
  13. Default Practitioner
  14. Postcode
  15. Email Marketing Preference
  16. SMS Marketing Preference
  17. Other Marketing Preference

Please note: No other data (including patient tags) can be shared with MailChimp

To add these fields to your Audience, follow the instructions at the MailChimp support site. The fields must be defined as follows. (You can pick which ones you want from the list below, except for the marketing preferences listed last. These are required).

**NOTE** Do not make any of these fields required or MailChimp will not sync correctly.

  • First Name - F_NAME (TEXT) (Usually exists by default) 

  • Last Name - L_NAME (TEXT) (Usually exists by default) 

  • Date of Birth - DOB (BIRTHDAY) 

  • Home Phone - H_PHONE (TEXT) 

  • Mobile Phone - M_PHONE (TEXT) 

  • Last Appointment Date - LAST_APPT (DATE) 

  • Next Appointment Date - NEXT_APPT (DATE) 

  • Status - STATUS (TEXT) 

  • Last Practitioner Seen - LAST_SEEN (TEXT) 

  • Last Clinic Visited - LAST_VISIT (TEXT) 

  • Default Clinic - DEFAULT_CL (TEXT) 

  • Default Practitioner - DEFAULT_PR (TEXT) 

  • Postcode - POSTCODE (TEXT) 

  • Encrypted Patient ID - ENCRYPTID (TEXT)

The below three relate to the patient’s marketing communication preferences. Including these fields will ensure that MailChimp will take into consideration the patient’s preference.

  • Email Marketing Preference - EMAIL_PREF (TEXT)

  • SMS Marketing Preference - SMS_PREF (TEXT)

  • Other Marketing Preference - OTHER_PREF (TEXT)

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not add these fields into your MailChimp list, your patient list will not sync across.

Once you've followed all these instructions, you list will be ready to sync every 30-60 minutes. The list will sync upon the update of a patient file. Patients who will not sync to your list :

  1.  Marked as Do Not Contact
  2.  Marked as Deceased

If a patient is on your list, and they are then in future marked with one of these tags, they will automatically be removed from the MailChimp list.

The next step is to get your current list imported.

Step Three: Import current patients as contacts

Finally, you'll want to get all of your current patients in to MailChimp. This is done using MailChimp's handy Import tool which allows for you to match up fields on your patient data export with fields on the MailChimp contact form. 

The first step in this process is to run a patient data export from your account. Head to Reports > Data Exports. Select Patients from the drop-down menu and leave the date range blank. Make sure to open this file( How to open a CSV file) and sort it by the "Communication Status" column, before removing any patients who are marked as "Do Not Contact" and "Deceased".

You'll then want to use the downloaded CSV for importing in to MailChimp. The following article can help with this > Make sure to use this article from the Import to MailChimp section onwards.

Once you have completed the import process, you should have all current patients then showing in your MailChimp Audience. Depending on the number of contacts you have may mean you need to upgrade your MailChimp account.

The process will now be complete - you will have an automatically syncing list, populated with your PracticeHub patients, ready for contacting via MailChimp.

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