Creating Online Booking Tools & Patient Check-In Portals In Multiple Languages

Online Bookings

To create your online booking tool in a different language, you'll need to navigate to Settings->Online Bookings. From here, you will be able to gather your online booking URL...

to change the language, you need to add on to the end of the URL: 


The 'en' is the specific 2-letter country code for the language you require. The codes for all 10 countries are as follows:

EN - English

NL - Dutch

DE - German

IT - Italian 

ES - Spanish 

SE - Swedish

DK - Danish

FR - French

PO - Portuguese

NO - Norweigan

Below is a complete link that would take you the booking form in Dutch:

Patient Check-In

The exact same process applies to the patient check-in portal. To access the link for your portal, you will need to go to Settings->Check-In Portals (under Admin).

Copy the link listed as the URL for your check-in portal. Once again you will be adding "?locale=en" on to the end of the URL. Don't forget to select the correct 2-letter language code from the above list!

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