Using The Check-In Portal (Atlas)

The process of checking in through the portal is very simple. It's designed for use on a touch-screen or tablet. A key bit of information you will need to have saved to the patient file is their date of birth. This is how the system finds the correct patient. Once you have set up your portal/s (not done so? click here) you will need to input the URL into the browser on your tablet. One the page loads you will see the following...

The patient will need to input their date of birth in the DDMMYY format. You will note that above the portal name there is a link to Practitioner View. This portal has been set up for a private room and the "direct link to patient file" box had been checked during setup. Once you have entered the date of birth, they will see the following screen if the system recognises the date of birth...

If you have the autohide feature set up, this message will disappear when the allotted time is up. Once again, this is the welcome screen of a portal in a private room and has the option for a practitioner to go to a patients file. If turned off, you will simply see the back to the sign-in button. The message can be edited from your check-in portal settings and the appointment details can also be hidden.

In the unlikely event, you have two patients with the same date of birth visiting on the same day, the system will ask them to input the last letter of their first and last name.

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