Connect: An Overview (Atlas)

Connect is a hassle-free way to ensure your patients are remaining active and are booking regularly. Connect allows for you to automate recalls and marketing campaigns based on the following rules and filters:

  • Last Appointment Date
  • Next Appointment Date
  • Last Contacted Date
  • Recall Scheduled
  • No Show
  • Birthday
  • Marketing Only
  • Patient Tags
  • Last Seen
  • Last Visited
  • Default Practitioner
  • Default Clinic

Connect is a brilliant feature to use alongside MailChimp. MailChimp is your go-to for newsletters and communications that are practice-wide, whereas Connect allows you to target specific patients based on the above-mentioned filters. Using both means you can really connect with all of your patients ensuring their retention. 

See summaries of the patients you are targeting to ensure you are aiming at the right patients. Export that data so you can closely look at who you will be reaching out to.

Connect allows you to target patients through certain channels. Aim your campaigns to patients via SMS, email, both or set fallbacks if certain patients don't have the relevant information saved to their file.

Tailor where the communication comes from, and select whether patients can reply and where these responses go. You choose whether campaigns are on a one-off basis, or whether they are sent daily. 

Connect allows for you to tailor the content of your message easily from the Campaign creator, meaning your communications can be exactly as you wish. Please Note: Connect Campaigns are plain text only. This means you cannot embed images or video. Images or videos can only be added by links to hosted content.

When creating one-off campaigns, Connect allows you to decide when your campaigns get sent to your patients. If you are aiming to connect with your patients on a certain date and time, this is all possible. You can even pause and resume campaigns at any time.

Connect allows for you to view the number of emails sent, who has opened and clicked on your email and addresses where the email has bounced. This helps you analyse the campaigns reach and its effectiveness.

Have a look over other articles relating to Connect for a detailed rundown of creating campaigns (both ongoing and one-off) and an in-depth explanation of the different rules mentioned above.

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