Manually Send Custom Forms (Atlas)

If you are using the custom forms feature and patients are filling in their forms at home via the link in their reminders/confirmations, you may come up against an issue where you need to manually generate these links for a patient so you can attach to a manual email or communication.

Here's how to generate a unique URL for that patient...

First of all, open up the patient file in question and click on Forms & Files.  From here click on the Forms tab.

On the right-hand side, there is a button called "Form Links".  Click this link and you will see a drop-down of Patient forms that you can then click.

When you click one of these links, you can now paste that URL wherever you need for the patient to be able to use to fill in the form.

The URL will look a little something like this; (not a live link)

Please Note: Each link is unique to the patient file whereby you've copied it from. It must not be shared with other patients. If any other patient completes the incorrect link, it will overwrite data on their file.

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