Add Your Custom Forms To Confirmations & Reminders (Atlas)

To include custom form links in your confirmation and reminder emails follow these easy steps:

Navigate to the Appointment types menu by clicking Settings > Appointment Types.

Select the appointment type that you wish to include the link to the custom forms by clicking the blue edit button.

You will then see the edit screen for your chosen appointment type. Using the tabs at the top of the screen, select "Confirmations & Reminders". You will then see the below screen:

To add the custom form link, you will first need to check the boxes for the type of confirmations you wish to send (SMS and/or email). Checking the box will allow you to enter the content of the message sent. Underneath the copy field, you will see the "+ Add Custom Form Link". Simply select the relevant form you wish to send a link for. The link to the form will then appear in the copy text. This process is identical, whether sending a confirmation SMS or email or sending a reminder SMS or email.

Please note: 

Custom forms are generated individually for each customer through the appointment process.  They are unique to that patient and should not be sent to anyone but them, doing so could result in accidentally overwriting their patient information.  This should only be a problem in the instance that more than one patient may share the same email address. 

Do not use any third party services to shorten the custom form link placed into your confirmation or reminder. Doing so will mean you are not allowing for PracticeHub to generate a unique, safe and secure URL for each patient who completes the form. This would be classed as a "data breach" in terms of GDPR data compliance.

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