The Form Portal: An Overview (Atlas)

To access the portal you will need to access PracticeHub from your tablet, press the name of your clinic in the top right and select 

"Go To Form Portal"

The Form Portal is a really useful tool to increase productivity within your clinic and vital if you want to become a truly paperless clinic. The purpose of the portal is to allow for patients to fill in new patient intake forms, progress reports, testimonial requests and any other forms you wish to create through the custom forms tool, all from a tablet within your clinic.

Once you have come through to the Form portal, you will be presented with a list of all your appointments for today. You can navigate days forwards and backwards by pressing the arrows in the top left and top right of the screen. There's also a button to take you back to today, should you navigate away.

The Form Portal Screen will show you a list of your appointments for the day in chronological order. You will see the colour tag for the appointment next to the patient name. The other side of the name will show a blue "Choose Form" box. Select the appropriate form you wish for the patient to complete and pass them the tablet to complete the form.

Upon completion, there will be a "Back to Form Portal" button. Pressing this will prompt the account user to re-enter their PracticeHub password.

Once you have entered the password, you will be taken back to the Portal and will again view all the day's appointments. You can now either navigate back to PracticeHub or Log out by pressing either of the two buttons in the top right or open up another form for another patient.

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