Creating Security Roles

You may have staff that have different responsibilities and PracticeHub has a solution for ensuring all users have roles and permissions that suit their responsibility.  

Security Roles are completely customisable through Settings -> Security & Permissions (under Admin)

The Security & Permissions Screen will show two roles - Administrator and General Access. These roles are customisable through the little blue edit box on the right. To add new roles, click the "Add New Role" button on the left of the screen.

Upon choosing to create a new role or editing a current role, you will now see the below screen. 

If making changed to a current role, navigate to the appropriate tab, selecting the appropriate settings you wish to set.

For new permissions, Input the name of your new role. below this field, there are tabs along the top which offer up different types of permissions. Select all the relevant permissions and click the blue save button when complete.

This role will then appear alongside Administrator and General Access and you can assign this to users. To learn how to change an assigned security role, click the below link...

Click Here
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