Creating A User With "Read Only" Access

To create a security role you'll need to head to Settings-> Security & Permissions (under Admin). From here, you'll want to select "Add New Role".

Make sure to input a relevant role name at the top of the screen. You'll then want to focus on the "Ring-fencing" tab, looking at "Access Calendar". 

To ensure the users can see the calendar, you will need to check this box. To make sure the users can only read the calendar and not make any changes or amendments, tick the "read-only calendar access" box. This feature still allows access to view appointment details, patient files and allows you to change locations. The only change is that nothing can be amended or deleted.

The third tick-box relates to accessing the read-only calendar when the user is out of IP range and has IP address restrictions. This tick-box means that when a user is out of IP range, they will have "read-only" access to their calendar. This differs from the previous read-only option. If this box is checked, the user will only be able to view the calendar, view the appointments and navigate across days. The lose the access to view appointment details, patient files and navigate between locations.

To learn more about IP Address restriction in PracticeHub click the below articles;

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