Add A New Practitioner

The process for adding Practitioners takes no time at all when you follow the steps below. Please note: only practitioners are able to have their own calendar. 

If you are on our "Pre Practitioner" billing, Adding additional practitioners will increase your subscription. To learn more about the cost, please contact us.

Step 1

Go to "Settings" and click on "Team members".

Step 2

Clicking "Team Members" will take you to the list of currently active team members. Click the "Add Practitioner" button. 

Step 3

Once on the Practitioner creation page, and by using the tabs, you can complete the new practitioner's details, including their recall settings, security and communications preferences and their Online booking options. Below we have explained all options available to you on each of the tabs;

Personal Details

Input the practitioner's title, first name and last name. Make sure to use an email address that the user has access to. Ensure the user is set as "active". Add a photo by clicking "choose file".

Recall Settings

Choose where to automatically assign recalls to. You can select from any practitioner or user groups. This is a useful setting if a practitioner is away and wishes to have their recalls assigned to another practitioner. You will also see the option to move a practitioners patient list to another practitioner. This will change all patients, recalls and future appointments owned by the old practitioner to the new one.

Practitioner & Note Taking

Select the calendar display name you wish to have (if left blank, your first name will be used). Apply the correct practitioner modality (more info). If desired you can also select a colour to have next to your name on the calendar - a useful tool to quickly locate and view a specific practitioner and their appointments. Choose whether you override the clinic default time slot duration and select your own. This will only override the default when viewing an individual practitioner. Select the appointment types the practitioner offers and alter the default duration if this practitioner has differing durations. Input a provider/registration number if you wish, which appears on invoices. You can choose your default note type and also include red and yellow flag fields.

Security & Communication

Choose to set up 2-factor authentication, choose your security role (these can be amended in Settings > Security Roles) or choose whether to restrict the user by IP Address. This setting will only allow the user access to PracticeHub when they are at the IP address inputted. You can add multiple IP addresses. Opt in or out of daily recall emails and decide whether the practitioner requires access to enter time sheets.

Online Bookings

Here you can enter a practitioner description or bio. This appears on your online bookings page when you select a practitioner to see. To ensure the practitioner can be booked through your online booking tool, ensure you check the "make available for online bookings" checkbox.

Step 4

Upon completion, the new practitioner will need to verify their account and create their password. They will automatically receive a welcome email containing a link to set up their password and verify their account. Once this is complete, they will be able to log in using their email address and password. The account owner can edit their security permissions at any time and remove their access to the system if need be.

Step 5

Finally, add the practitioner's working hours to ensure they appear on the calendar. This is done from within the Clinic Settings. To learn how to do this, click here.

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