IP Restriction: Log-In Issues

In the event that you have an IP restriction turned on for your account, which means either you will have Read Only Calendar access or an inability to login to PracticeHub when accessing the platform outside of whitelisted IP addresses on your account,  you may encounter some issues with access.

If you are seeing an error message (see above) explaining that you are cannot access PracticeHub because of an IP restriction this will be because the IP address you are logging in from is not the one that is whitelisted on your account.

If you have been able to login previously and it shows suddenly, this will be because;

A)  You are logging in from a different internet connection or
B)  Your internet connection IP address has changed

In the event that your IP address has changed you'll need to update your users accounts with the correct IP address so they can log in - I would recommend investigating whether your internet provider provides you with a static IP address ( so it is permanent and never changes) or a dynamic IP address (it can change ad-hoc)

You can find out what your IP address is by following the link below.

You will need to get your account owner to doublecheck the whitelisted IP/s that are on your account and update these accordingly.

To prevent these issues from occurring, however, the best thing to do is get a permanent IP address from your internet service provider.

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