IP Restriction: An Overview

What is an IP Address?

An IP Address is what is known as an "Internet Protocol Address". This is a numerical label for a device connected to a network using the internet. These addresses serve to determine your location and to identify the internet network you are connected to. You will have both an 'IP V4' address and an 'IP V6' address. PracticeHub will only require the IP V4 address.

How do I find out my IP Address?

To find your IP address, simply Google "what is my IP Address". This will prompt you with your V4 and V6 IP addresses. Websites such as  whatismyipaddress.com are also useful.

What is an IP Restriction and why would I use it?

An IP restriction will "whitelist" your chosen IP address/es and deny entry from any IP address that does not match. This means that you can stipulate where users can access PracticeHub from. It can ensure that personal information, medical data and anything else stored within PracticeHub can only be accessed from the whitelisted IP addresses.

How does IP Restriction work?

The IP restriction works by allowing only the whitelisted addresses to successfully log-in. If you attempt to log-in from an IP address that the system does not recognise as being whitelisted, you won't be granted access and system administrators will receive an email informing them of the failed log-in attempt.

What do I need to check before I turn on IP Restriction?

Its a relatively easy process to turn on IP restriction but before you do, you need to clarify whether your internet service provider issue static or dynamic IP addresses.

If your provider issues you with a static IP address you will be fine. This is an IP address that will not change unless you move locations. If the IP address is dynamic, this address will change very frequently regardless of whether you move locations or not, rendering it impossible to "whitelist" IP addresses for access. If you are using a domestic Wi-Fi connection, you will most likely have a dynamic IP address. If using a business Wi-Fi it will most likely be a static address. 

To check and change your IP Address, you'll need to contact your Internet service provider.

How do I turn on IP Restriction?

To turn on IP restrictions, please watch the short tutorial. Make sure that you are inputting your IP V4 address. Click the button below to watch the tutorial...

How to restrict user account access by IP address

Are you able to offer access to some features with an IP restriction in place?

Yes - Within the Security & Permissions settings, you are able to allow access to the calendar. This effectively overrides the IP restriction for calendar viewing only. No amendments can be made and no further information can be viewed other than the calendar and the scheduled appointments within.

To learn how to enable this setting for users, click here

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