Feature Requests & Improvements

What's the best way to leave feedback and request features and improvements?

The most efficient way for us to gather your requests is by kindly asking you to submit your idea on our Product Roadmap in PracticeHub. To access, look for "Give Us Feedback" under support in the sidebar.

This will take you to a new window where you will see our Roadmap...

From here, you can see features that are in discussion, planned, in development and launched (or due to be). This is a brilliant tool as you can view other user's suggestions, see what is popular, vote on other suggestions and of course, submit your own ideas.

Your feedback is very welcome

We value feedback on how to improve the PracticeHub products from our members immensely.  In the end, it's our members we build the software for, so all feedback whether a new feature or improvement of any kind is welcomed to help make our product better.

This helps us move towards our vision of crafting the most premium chiropractic software product on the global market.

Product development is not fast

As much as we would like to push out changes and new features every week, this is not realistically possible.  Some requests involve ripping out the foundations of PracticeHub, whereas others may involve slightly smaller modifications.

How we handle feature requests

In every major feature release of PracticeHub, we aim to implement highly requested features, but it is not the only determining factor. Other factors include member feedback, expert opinions, our own market research, team availability & long term strategy fit

We take all these into account when deciding what we will prioritise in terms of development.

If we already know the request will never end up in the product we will tell you so. In most cases, however, the request will be very valid, but will not be implemented because other topics have a higher priority. So it might be implemented at some point, but we have no clear insight on when that will happen. Or, it might be that we solve the problem behind your request in a different way.

Feature request timeframes

We do not give estimated timelines on completion of improvements & new features. Software development is not linear, and developers tend to under-estimate in general.  We do not want you to be disappointed when a feature or improvement is not completed in the timeline stated. Our Product Roadmap will give you an idea of what is in the pipeline, what's being considered and what is ready to go live with.

Product updates

If we know when a feature is due to be released and you contributed to the request via our Roadmap, you will receive a notification about this. You can keep a close eye on our updates by looking at our Changelog. This can be found here > https://practicehub.canny.io/changelog.

How you can help

Use our Product Roadmap! We check this all the time and it's a great way for you to see other user's ideas as well and to see what is due to be implemented.

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