Create Your Online Booking Tool

Setting up your online booking facility requires a few steps.  You will need to actively turn on the facility for 1) Clinic locations 2) Practitioners 3) Appointment types.

If you miss any of these steps, your online bookings will not be set up correctly.

The first step is to turn on online bookings for the clinic location/s that you want to be enabled.

To do that head on over to Settings > Clinics as below.

From here, click on the clinic that you want to enable online bookings for, and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Make available for online bookings".  Hit save and step 1 is now completed.

Next step is to enable online bookings for practitioners that you want to offer an online booking facility for.

Head on over to Settings > Team as below

Then edit the practitioner in question, and click on the online bookings tab.  Select "Make available for online bookings" and then hit Save.

Make sure to then click on to the Practitioner & Note Taking tab and check the relevant appointment types you offer. If these are not checked, your appointment types will not show up in the online tool.

Moving onto step 3 is to enable online bookings for appointment types.  Head on over to Settings -> Appointment Types as below.

Click on the online bookings tab and then select "Make available for online bookings".  Once you turn that on you can either hit save or select from the options available on that tab.

The options available here are :


A description of the appointment type which will show up on the online booking appointment type selection window.

Cluster Booking

Whether the times offered to the patient will be times that are clustered.  This means that they will be times that are directly next to, before or after an appointment that is currently on the calendar.

Accessible to

Whether this appointment type is for regular or new patients.


Whether the times offered will be regular slots only, appointment guides only or both.

Usually, for regular appointments you can choose regular slots - this is just the empty spaces in your calendar.  If you want to have certain spots that are specific for certain appointment types e.g. New Patients, it is recommended you choose Appointment Guides and follow the link above for instructions on how to create them.

Online Booking Fee

If you have Stripe connected to your account, you can put an amount in here that will then be charged through the online booking process

Once you are happy with all the options, click Save.

The final step to enable online bookings is to turn it on globally! Head on over to Settings -> Online Bookings as below.

On the online booking settings page, you now need to toggle on Online Bookings.  You will also notice a URL link and some Embed Code. There are some further settings fields here for you to use, should you wish;

Terms & Conditions - Input your terms and conditions so that they appear on your online booking tool

Online Amendment Options - Select whether a patient can cancel only, reschedule only or do both. Please note, you will need to include the cancellation placeholder in your confirmation/ reminder text to enable your patients to be able to use this feature.You can learn more here.

Minimum Amendment Notice - Set a minimum amount of notice you require for appointment changes (Leave blank if there is no limit)

Minimum Advanced Booking Time - The minimum amount of time between the current time and first available time on the availability display.

Maximum Available Appointments Per Day - Set a maximum number of appointments that show for your appointment types. We recommend 2-3 available times as not to overwhelm the patient and display a level of scarcity.

The URL link is the direct link to your online bookings, and the embed code can be used and modified to embed directly into your website.  You can pass this onto your webmaster/web designer.

Once you've turned on Online Bookings it'll look like this

Hit Save and then you are good to go!  Head on over to your Online Booking URL and it'll look a little something like this:

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