Creating Your Confirmations & Reminders

Confirmations and reminders are sent out automatically to patients without needing any user input.

How are these sent out?

The PracticeHub platform checks if the appointment type for that particular appointment has confirmations or reminders turned on (these are set in each individual appointment type setting).

If Email or SMS are turned on for an appointment type, the platform will then proceed to check what the patient's communication preferences are and whether they match the settings for the appointment type.

If they do, then the confirmation or reminder will be sent (in the case of SMS as long as there are enough credits on the account).

How do I setup confirmations or reminders?

The first step is to go to the Confirmation & Reminders settings page.  This is accessed via Settings -> Confirmations & Reminders.

On this page, you can select new patient default communication preferences and set the time of which confirmations and reminders are sent.

How do new patient default communication preferences work?

On the Confirmations and Reminders settings page, there are two fields.

  1. Default confirmation type
  2. Default reminder type

Whenever a new patient is created in the system, that patients personal communication preferences will use these defaults here.  As mentioned above, those preferences will be used when checking if a patient should receive a confirmation or reminder.

How do reminders work?

Sending times of reminders can be Fixed or Flexible depending on your requirement.

Fixed time reminders

If you wish for reminders to be sent out at a fixed time of the day, select this option.  You select the number of days before an appointment a reminder will be sent and the approximate time it will be sent (the platform may send on or just after this with a 5-10 minute range).

You can also choose weekend rules.  This means that if you have appointments on a Monday and reminders sent to go out on a Sunday, you can get the platform to send on a Saturday or Friday, likewise, if you want to skip weekend communications altogether you can send out the next weeks reminders on the Friday before.

Flexible time reminders

If you wish reminders to be sent out a specific number of hours before an appointment (i.e. 24 hours), select this option.  This means an appointment at 3:15 PM on Tuesday that is due to go out 24 hours before will be sent at 3:15 PM on Monday.  If you use a combination of SMS and Email an effective method is staggering these at different intervals.

Setting up reminders and confirmations on appointment types

Next step is to turn on appointment confirmations and reminders for specific appointment types.  Please remember whenever you create new appointment types in the system you will need to turn these on if you need that appointment type to send out confirmations and reminders.

Head on over to Settings -> Appointment Types

Then edit the appointment type you wish to turn confirmations and reminders on for.

Click on the confirmations and reminders tab and then you will be faced with the option of turning on SMS/Email Confirmations & Reminders.

If you are a multi-language clinic, you can also set your own copy for specific languages (or if you leave blank the platform will translate our default copy).

Click Send SMS and/or Send Email on the appointment types you want to be enabled.

You can then edit the copy and subject (if email), or leave blank to include the default generic copy.  If you want to know what the default copy looks like, click on the "What is the default copy" link.

When editing the copy of confirmations and reminders, ensure you only use the placeholders available in the drop-down and test before you set it live in case of any typos.

Save your appointment type and your confirmations and reminders will now be sent out automatically.

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