Cashing Up & Closing Your Shift

PracticeHub allows you to track payments over a period of time (what we call a shift) very easily by providing a feature called Shifts.

Whenever you want to process any transactions for appointments on the calendar, a shift needs to be open.

Once you've finished with your transactions for that shift, you will need to cash up to reset your shift back to £0 ready for the next day or shift transactions.

To close the shift, click on your clinic name at the top of PracticeHub and then choose "Cash Up"

You will then be faced with the cash up screen.

In the event that you have appointments on that day that you haven't processed, you will see a red alert message telling you to go back to the calendar and process the unprocessed appointments You will also see the specific appointments appear just below.

On the cash up page, it will provide a breakdown of your Charges and Payments.  If you are happy with all the transactions and the payment method breakdown is correct, you can enter a note in the "Note" section, and then click Close Shift.

If you have made any mistakes (i.e. processed someone as Cash instead of Card), amend these mistakes and then click "Close Shift".

Once that is done, you will be able to download or print a Shift Report.

Please bear in mind, these reports are a snapshot of what you look at that time - and do not necessarily reflect what your actual transactions will be in the event that you edit these down the line (e.g. if someone has made a mistake) and thus shouldn't be used for any kind of financial reporting, the Income & Payments Report should be used for real-time financial reporting.

What do I do if I forget to close the shift?

On the odd occasion, you may forget to close your shift, and you come into your clinic the next day or week and realise that the shift is still open.

You can do 2 things:

a) Close the shift straight away - this won't affect any finances you have entered.  All dates will remain correct.

b) In the event that you have processed appointments and they are showing on a previous days shift, you can either void these, close the shift and then reopen a new shift ready to process appointments OR keep processing appointments and close the shift at the end of the day.

It doesn't matter how many shifts you open and close on a daily basis, or if you accidentally leave your shift open for days or weeks at a time - the feature is purely to make it easy for you to track your finances and ensure you are processing your appointments.  Transaction dates will be the date they are entered, not the date of the shift.

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