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COVID-19 & Social Distancing

All articles and tutorials regarding PractieHub guidance and best practices for COVID

3 articles

Data Protection, Security & GDPR

1 article

Getting Started with PracticeHub

Get up and running with PracticeHub!

19 articles


All things related to billing and financial information in PracticeHub

35 articles


2 articles

Memberships (Atlas)

Our wonderful tool for clinic memberships

7 articles

Appointment Calendar

The Appointment Calendar in all it's wonder...

30 articles

Confirmations & Reminders

Setting up, ensuring they are sent and received and amending settings

12 articles


See all your key metrics with PracticeHub's reporting tools

10 articles


The all important Practitioner!

12 articles

Custom Forms

Creating your own forms and sending them automatically to the relevant patients

10 articles

Patient Management

Some useful knowledge to help managing your patients that bit easier...

20 articles

Day To Day Usage Of PracticeHub

Some little bits of wisdom to help you with the commonly occurring stuff!

38 articles

Connect (Atlas)

Marketing for your clinic, all from within PracticeHub!

6 articles


Recalls made easy ( and less stressful!) with our lovely little tool...

4 articles

Care Plan Tracking (Atlas)

3 articles

Patient Check-In (Atlas)

The super-useful patient self check-in tool

3 articles

Online Bookings

Letting your patient's book through our handy online booking tool

9 articles

Frequently Asked Questions

Things we get asked (very!) often...

8 articles


those useful tools you can combine with PracticeHub to make your life even easier!

6 articles

Team Member Management

Managing your staff and colleagues in PracticeHub

12 articles

Security & Access Permissions

Tailoring the access you and your users have and keeping you all safe!

10 articles


Using PracticeHub in multiple languages

4 articles


Something in your PracticeHub account acting differently than you Expect?

2 articles

Switching To PracticeHub

Making the move to PracticeHub

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